The Glow Remains

The Glow Remains

As I sit here in my bedroom/studio in NYC I can’t help but reflect upon these last many months as we get closer to the year anniversary of our COVID life. It is really hard to remember the time when we didn’t have to wear masks or socially distance,  a time when we could just go out to a restaurant spontaneously. It is hard to remember that we could actually have family over without having to consider the potential dire consequences of such a gathering. Needless to say it has taken a toll on all of us and it is so hard not to stay in a prolonged depression. I think we all have been mourning what our lives used to be and wondering when we can get them back again.

And then out of the blue there will be a glimmer of hope, a hope that has been so illusive most of the time. It can be something as simple as a lovely day that sparks reminiscences of other beautiful days when that feeling of possibility was before us. All of these things have been on my mind and I have had quite an existential struggle of late. Those days of promise have seemed so hard to come by.

While I never set out to make a specific collage, all that is me – my essence – is always with me at the start of making one. It is only inevitable that what has been on my mind seeps into my collages. And so it is with my collage The Glow Remains. For me it is a reminder that no matter how somber things might be, there is that glow, those moments of undeniable light that keep us all going. For the light is essential. It is simply too exhausting not to have glimmers of it that we can hang onto during those times when our souls are challenged, when our spirits have never felt so low. And so through everything I have made this collage where I can, at least for the duration of making it, remain in light.

You can view my collages and other merchandise by clicking here.

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