Spiraling Ahead

Spiraling Ahead

As I sit here on this frigid but brilliant morning in NYC my mind is spiraling around with all sorts of thoughts. Maybe it is because the New Year is just two weeks away. These times lend themselves to examination or ordering of loves as Gail Godwin says in her book The Good Husband. I have no idea what 2021 will bring, but maybe instead of trying to predict the future I should try to create it as A.J. Parkinson said.

When I created my collage Spiraling Ahead I didn’t consciously have these thoughts in mind, but my subconscious sure did. It all comes down to how I create-ruminating and then letting a piece evolve that stems from these ruminations. While I meticulously refine the initial impetus for a collage is rather spontaneous with each addition dictating what follows.

So what of ordering my loves? Collage is certainly right up there, but the thing that surprises me the most is that it is not the main thing. First would have to be my love for my companion, my friend of the bosom as Joan Fontaine says in the Hitchcock movie Rebecca. For a friend of the bosom is not replaceable. If collage were taken away from me tomorrow I would find another creative outlet. Not that I am not passionate about making collage for I can think of nothing that I’d rather be doing. But a match is hard to find and when you have found it, like I have, you know what a precious gift it is.

All I know is that in this New Year I will be Spiraling Ahead with my 2 loves tucked underneath my arm, and I can’t think of a more blessed way to try to create my future than with these 2 treasures.

You can see more of my collages by clicking here.

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