Free Giveaway

Exuberant Blooms
Exuberant Blooms framed 11 in x 14 in

I have really taken a plunge. I have gone beyond my comfort zone and here I stand poised on the edge of a cliff. But I wouldn’t have it any other way.  This blog brings me to the real heart of the matter: my website launch of It is hard to say “this is what I create”, offer it in public and let what is to be just happen. To know you can “fail” but do it anyway…that for me is difficult. Having always demanded perfection from myself, it is not easy to put my life out there, my life as a collage artist, and know that there will be people who absolutely loathe my work. I have to keep reminding myself that there is no other way, that I have to take all the rejection, but at the same time not forget all that has gone right. My work is out there; now I must really get to it.

While there is fear there is mostly excitement, the excitement that I have at knowing that failing or succeeding with Golda Eigo Art is on me and what I do. So in keeping with that excitement I am giving away a free framed print of Exuberant Blooms. It is really easy to enter. Either go to and click on “New Website Giveaway” or click this link; You will be taken to a page where all you have to do is enter your email. I will be announcing the winner on November 13. So now I am officially in the marketing portion. But as Bruce Springsteen sang;

I’ll be there on time

And I’ll pay the cost

For wanting the things that can only be found

In the darkness on the edge of town

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